There are currently 4 creative initiatives within this portfolio

Each one is stand alone and unique in it's expression.

This fun product design is a more creative version of the old fashioned dolls house allowing for greater creativity & innovation for multiple purpose use. 

With four interconnected quadrants on a circular base, the design allows for adaptation and can be decorated in numerous ways, One quadrant could be a house with downstairs and upstairs, with windows and doors leading into the next quadrant which could be your favourite seaside place, leading into the next quadrant with could be a jungle with lots of animals leading into a football stadium or park or underwater world. 

A dream for the creative amongst us and an opportunity for the unimaginative to explore through play and have fun.

Interplaylands makes a perfect heirloom or keepsake for the family. Each bespoke creation potentially reflecting the values and interests of your family or 'tribe'.

Play has no age barrier and imagination no limits. This is a brilliant resource for intergenerational connection and fun filled play.

For further product information visit the Interplaylands website.

Now available for purchase in the UK 



NB: Postage and packaging not included.

Contact Chrissie for more information. 

Summer workshops coming soon where you can purchase and get started on making your own Interplayland.


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Working in partnership with you and to meet your requirements, Chrissie takes commissions to design and create bespoke mosaics for personal, home or business use. From large framed pieces through to small sets of three or single small pieces. There's something affordable for all.

Each one is unique and carries within it a message that resonates with the sound and frequency of those the mosaic piece was created for.

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Join Chrissie for a day and enjoy learning about producing your own unique mosaic.  

Places are limited in order to keep groups small. Email here to book your place and for more information.

Whether you have done mosaicing before or are a complete novice, the uniqueness of these day workshops are the fact each of us brings our story, our being and our journey into the mix.  It's not so much about the outcome, but the enjoyment of the experience and process of taking broken pieces and crafting them together to form something entirely new and beautiful that expresses each person's journey.

All materials and drinks will be provided throughout the day.  We suggest you bring your own packed lunch or alternatively there are local shops nearby. 

£60 per person for full day workshop 10am - 4pm

£35 for a 90 minute taster session 10.30- 12.00

If you are a group of four or more people interested in having a mosaic experience - maybe a party, celebration or for your own well being - Chrissie would be open to discuss other options.

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Chrissie is available for 1:1 sessions for wellbeing of spirit, soul and body. She loves to help people unravel and process life situations and is trained in counselling and in listening. 

She  uses multiple coaching tools in order to find what suits each client best in any given situation. 

Face to face or online 1:1 listening/ support sessions.

To discuss further or to book a session click here

£40 - an hour 

£55 - 90 minute

Art for well being

All materials will be provided.

You do not have to be an artist or have any experience with painting to participate in encounter art. All that is required is that you be open to a deeper connection with the Godhead or the higher consciousness of love.

Over a three hour period Chrissie will walk you through the painting experience of connecting emotions and thoughts through the use of colourful acrylic paints and freedom of expression.

As a result of this encounter you will likely experience deep connection with inner feelings, particularly relating to emotional wounds or hurts you may have experienced that may not have been processed. 

Art is known to be therapeutic and as a qualified art teacher Chrissie has always been aware of the power of visual expression. Although not an art therapist she is able to lead you through a process known to help people deal with unforgiveness, through the engagement of our best selves and the visual processing of forgiveness. 

Chrissie is trained as a Bethel Sozo practitioner and became certified in Bethel Artsozo in 2021 - Whilst the 'Painting Experiences' Chrissie facilitates  are based on Bethel Artsozo, they cannot be recognised as such due to the fact that every session is tailored to match the individuals or groups that book in for these experiences. The painting experiences are unique to Chrissie and do not fully represent the Bethel artsozo model.

The resultant pieces of art work often surprises those in the encounter with being extraordinarily beautiful and long lasting in it's effect.  

£50 per person

All materials included

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