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An amazingly flexible and creative resource. Likened to a dolls house - this product design has four blank quadrants which can be adapted and decorated in multiple ways to suit different requirements. 

Tried and tested within the early years classroom it has proven to be a versatile and innovative resource.

Interplaylands is currently being trialled and adapted for use within families, as a grief processing resource, in old peoples homes and amongst refugees as a resource for psychological support. 

Aside from all of the above - it is a stand alone fun play station which encourages imaginative play and creativity.  Brilliant for intergenerational connection!

For further product information visit www.interplaylands.com or to purchase contact us directly here giving name and necessary contact details

Created for glory

Chrissie offers a 4 week online intensive for anyone interested in going deeper into exploring our maturity as 'sons' of God.

She believes that as 'new creation' beings we have far more potential than we ever thought possible. 

Next online intensive  - September 2022 

A 4 week online exploration that allows time out from busy lives for reflection and to process what mature sonship might look like. 

Over the four weeks we will consider the biblical framework of our design as ones who are created in the image of God as spirit, soul and body beings. We will look at road blocks and bridges to our maturing as sons - ones whom the whole of creation is waiting and groaning for. (Romans 8:22)

There will be ample opportunity for creative processing and spiritual engagement throughout the sessions. 

Feel free to join the group facebook page to keep up to date and to join the conversation.   

£180 for the course

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Bespoke Mosaics

Working in partnership with you and to meet your requirements, commissions are currently being taken to design and create bespoke mosaics for your home or business. 

Each one is unique and carries within it a message that resonates with the sound and frequency of those the mosaic piece was created for.

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1:1 reflection sessions

Available now for booking  

Face to face or online 1:1 listening/ coaching sessions.

Sessions usually last for 1 hour with an option for 90 minutes.

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£35 - an hour 

£50 - 90 minutes

The 'Yes' revolution

Chrissie has long believed that one of the biggest hindrances to faith formation and spirituality in children is religion. Over many years she has been an activist and alternative voice to help nurture & facilitate spiritual & generational connection.

She believes that we have now entered a new season and time in history.

The blue print is unfolding and there is amazing opportunity to connect together to pioneer new ways of nurturing children's faith and  spirituality. As we work in harmony with Heaven's Kingdom realm there will be a revolution here on earth!

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