Chrissie Wilkinson - the person behind the roar!

With years of experience in different fields, as a qualified nurse, teacher, foster carer, event manager, and international partnership coordinator, Chrissie now coordinates & facilitates a portfolio of business and creative initiatives. 

Artist  - mosaic commissions

Bespoke mosaics 

For over 20 years Chrissie has been creating mosaics and has exhibited her work in Oxford and London, UK.  Occasionally she facilitates mosaic workshops - enabling others to enjoy learning about how to create their own mosaics. If you're interested in hosting a workshop event contact Chrissie here. 

Each commissioned piece is designed with the client & space in mind.

A commissioning involves an initial site visit if necessary and then ongoing discussion with the client to establish preferences of colour and design throughout the process until the piece is complete. 


"I love the way the light is reflected and is constantly moving, people always comment about it as soon as they walk in the room."

" It was great to work in consultation with Chrissie, she understood the brief and gave over and above in terms of expectation - the spiritual nuance in the piece makes it uniquely mine. "

"I was gifted a mosaic for my 40th birthday and it has become part of my home and I love it! "



Broken Pieces 

Chrissie believes that we are all one of God’s unique creations. Originally trained as an art teacher, she take great joy in helping others connect with the creative essence of their being. She believes everyone of us has this within us. 

Over recent years she has explored life creatively through designing and making mosaics and this book includes many pictures of her art work in the sharing of her story. Entitled ‘Broken Pieces’ it records her prophetic and creative journey through life, giving down to earth examples of how creativity and connection with the Godhead can help us through the challenges of life.

Having worked globally with children at risk through being a foster carer and working for a number of different charities, it is her writing, workshop facilitation and commissioned art work that bring a creative perspective to otherwise challenging subjects. 

From miscarriage to cancer every chapter tells a story and laughter and tears are often found together. 

She is a passionate advocate for people being enabled to discover God as a Father and themselves as a child. She has been known to ROAR - especially around issues of injustice and corruption that impact on future generations. 

A mixture of Lion and Lamb - her writing might leave you stirred one minute and crying the next!

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